USL Cargo Services provides Customs Brokerage services across the entire United States with a dedicated staff with over 50 years of combined experience.

Our exclusive Customers Brokerage partner has a very thorough understanding of all local regulatory and legal issues and is able to assist our customers in achieving improved transparency and cost control in customs-related procedures.


Our Internet-based software allows you to create your own User ID and Password, so that you may login and track live entries pending Release or trace past shipments.

View U.S. Customs, OGA (Other Government Agency), ISF, Exam, and Manifest updates via any smartphone mobile device or desktop.

1. (Automated Broker Interface): View and receive real-time messages/alerts from U.S. Customs, OGA, and ISF status;
2. All records, history, and shipment data will be available to your logistics/accounting dept at any time;
3. Web-based application allows workflow functionality to assist importers, vendors and truckers with meeting their responsibilities and managing their work queue;
4. Visibility of confidential information and data can be tailored to different locations and departments;
5. All data backed up automatically by a secure server.

  • Customized reports, accounting data, shipments, PO or SKU management offered through Excel spreadsheets;

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH). We offer importers the option of paying Customs duties and fees electronically from their own bank account. We will provide the importer with daily statements of these balances due or withdrawn by U.S. Customs;

  • Customs Continuous Transaction Bond (CTB) and Single Transaction Bonds (STB) filed efficiently via our electronic portal;

  • Our software was created by a former ABI client representative and former licensed Customs broker. They also act as Customs consultants when difficult matters arise;

  • Dedicated compliance and audit team, to ensure regulatory practices, and compliance;

  • Monitoring of MPF (Merchandise Processing Fee), importation from Beneficiary Countries, and commodities rulings to help reduce costs and unnecessary fees to U.S. Customs;

  • Document Imaging;

  • Weekend service at no additional cost



  • Experience in handling complex issues with FDA and USDA regulated commodities;

  • Our internal control programs ensure that all FDA entries subject to the Bioterrorism Act (BTA) Prior Notice requirements are pre-filed in advance of the regulatory requirements;

  • All Entries are cleared in complete compliance with FDA, USDA, EPA, FCC, DOT agencies;

  • Our team of dedicated Customs Brokers has over 50 years of combined industry experience;

  • Importer Security Filing (10+2) is fully compliant;

  • Acquired over $250K in refunds for Importers due to classification disputes – by researching Customs Rulings and filing Protests, Binding Rulings, and Post Entry Adjustments;

  • Customs Binding Rulings are done both electronically and hard copies are sent to U.S. Customs Headquarters in Washington, D.C.;

  • Local and National Permit allows us the capability to clear Customs in any U.S. Port of Entry;

  • Continuous education of Customs and FDA regulations, restrictions, and literature.



Types of commodities regularly cleared include:

  • Wearing Apparel and Footwear

  • Textiles

  • General Department Store Merchandise

  • Building Materials – Kitchen countertops, Ceramic tiles, Cabinets, Flooring

  • Food

  • Cosmetics

  • Sporting, Outdoor products

  • Electronics, surveillance, computer components and products

  • Automobiles, and Parts

  • Infant/Children’s products and toys

  • Furniture

  • Aircraft engines