Our global team at USL Cargo Services understands the unique requirements of the fast moving Fashion and Apparel Industry.

We understand that the supply chain of the apparel industry is being stretched by sourcing and production in new locations around the world and that this is increasing the logistics complexity and adding greater overall risk. Also that Just In Time supply of apparel to key markets has become an absolute requirement for companies in this commodity sector.

USL Cargo Services is capable of providing a full profile of logistic services to streamline your current logistics process.

Our dedicated fashion and apparel supply chain facilities have specialists who can perform value added services to ensure that your trend setting apparel arrives looking its best and on time. Also throughout the entire process, security standards and technology systems deliver the visibility and control you need.


USL Cargo Services Fashion & Apparel services include:

Services at Point of Origin

  • PO Management

  • Supplier / Vendor Management

  • Compliance Training

  • Collection / Receiving Service

  • Consolidation: Buyers, Multi-Country

  • Origin Store Collection

  • Document Check / Preparation

  • Quantity and Quality inspections

  • Loading optimization and special equipment

  • GOH – Loading by SKU, style, PO, color, size, etc.

  • Pick & Pack

  • Sorting – Kitting

  • Storage in dedicated fashion facilities

  • Factory or CY Loading

Services at Point of Destination

  • Customers clearance

  • Bonded facilities

  • Quantity and Quality inspections

  • Storage

  • Hanging and boxed garment racking

  • Inventory management

  • Order processing and customer communication

  • Distribution

  • DC Bypass

  • Performance management

  • Reverse Logistics

Value Added Services

  • Steaming

  • Bagging

  • Pressing

  • Re-Packing

  • Ticketing

  • Packaging materials sourcing

  • Re-Labeling

  • Heat transfers

China Domestic

USL Cargo Services is also able to provide a true value added service catering to the needs of fashion retailers in China.

CS Fashion Distribution is a domestic logistics business predominately focused on imported international fashion brands, and with an impressive list of high-end fashion clients. CS Fashion Distribution offers a full range of services from source to shelf.

Operations are based around our two Fashion DC’s located in Shanghai, which feature a combined floor space of over 40,000 sqm configured for handling both boxed and hanging garments. Here we are able to offer standard receiving, storage and order picking services as well as a range of value-added services, such as labelling, sizing, sampling, bundling and QC checking.

In addition, we are able to manage the flow of merchandise from our client’s global fulfillment DC’s into China, including international transport by ocean or airfreight, customs clearance and CIQ inspection.

Finally we have established domestic transport networks, with either overland or airfreight for the line haul followed by radial distribution for the final mile, which enable us to service our clients’ retail outlets on a daily basis across mainland China.