LIMA – Logistics Integrated Management Application – is the name of our best-in-class supply chain management solution.

As many of our retail customers now source direct from overseas, CS Solutions and our strategic partners developed LIMA so our customers can manage their international supply chain from order commitment until delivery to shelf.

Why implement LIMA?

  • Enjoy total visibility of import shipments from source to shelf

  • Define your supply chain, standardize processes, and build in international best practice

  • Control your supply chain

  • Measure your supply chain ( including supplier, carriers, forwarders, brokers, hauliers, DC performance )

  • Collaborate with all your supply chain partners on a single platform

Key Features:

  • Customizable, web-based solution

  • Provides visibility, measurement and control of your supply chain processes

  • Process critical paths can be customized around your requirement

  • Your business rules can be incorporated

  • Contains many international supply chain best practices

  • Easy to extend globally to cover all your international shipments

  • Easy to integrate with other systems

  • Powerful alert, K.PI. reporting capabilities