USL Cargo Services provides the following Origin Logistics Services:

  1. Innovative in design

  • Execution of sophisticated origin logistics programs
  • Effective cross-dock or direct-to-store
  • On carton or piece picks on single PO or multiple PO basis
  • Subject to guaranteed accuracy of Pick-and-Pack
  1. Buyers Consolidation

  • Simple Consolidation for One Destination DC
  • Multiple DC Cargo Consolidation
  • Direct Store Consolidation
  • Multiple Country Consolidation
  • Garment-on-Hanger ( GOH ) Consolidation
  1. Kitting and Co-packing

  • Kitting and Co-packing for Special Promotional Programs, e.g., Back-to-School, Baby Gift Sets, Mother’s Day
  • Different Products Supplied by Multiple Suppliers
  • Sales-Pack Printing
  • Assembly of Different Products into Sales-Packs within Tight Lead-times on a Pre-determined Production Workflow
  • Sales-Packs to be Consolidated in Store-ready Display Racks
  1. ScanPack

  • Four ScanPack Centres in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Bulk Orders from Suppliers Received into ScanPack Centres, in Solid Colour and Solid Size per SKU
  • Allocation Orders, Based on Up-to-Date Sales Data, for Each Store, by Colour, Size and Quantity transmitted Electronically to ScanPack System
  • Licensee of PAXAR Vendor Connect System
  • ScanPack Centres Equipped with Handheld Scanners and PAXAR Monarch Barcode Label Printers
  • Each PO/SKU Picked by Store, by Colour, by Size for Packaging into Export Cartons
  • PAXAR System Issues SSCC Labels after Completion of Pick by Store for Each PO/SKU
  • Multiple PO/SKU Pick by Store Available
  • Export Cartons Consolidated for Export Containers
  • PAXAR System Issues Advance Ship Notices ( ASNs ) for Each Container which are Transmitted Electronically to Overseas Principals
  1. PDQ ( Pick-and-Pack ) Programs

  • Applicable to Big-scale Seasonal Promotional Programs, e.g., Christmas and Toys, BBQ Sets, Halloween, Garden Furniture, etc.
  • Store-pick Palletisation or Store-display Palletisation for Cross-dock at Retailers’ DC or Direct Store Deliveries
  • Use of Cardboard Pallets or Slipsheets Available
  • Guaranteeing 100% Accuracy for Store Allocations
  1. Other Value-added Services

  • Re-packaging
  • Re-labelling, Including Bar-coding
  • Price-ticketing
  • Security Tagging
  • Garment Re-processing
  • Compliance Check of Goods
  • Re-invoicing

Origin Logistics frames 2.18.15


USL Cargo Services has started with the philosophy of managing each process of cargo handling required by our customers. That is why we had already leased space from the ATL Logistics Centre in Hong Kong, the biggest concrete building in the world, on Day 1 of the commencement of business. That is why we had already had our own fleet of container tractors from Day 1 of the commencement of our business.

We are not happy at all in acting as a broker in the industry with cargo consolidation, container haulage, and other services, sub-contracting to local operators.

With the control of our own warehouses in Hong Kong, China and Singapore, we can guarantee the best quality services to all our customers, especially in the execution of the more sophisticated and complicated Origin Logistics programs.

The total suite of Origin Logistics Services offered by USL Cargo Services, with its strict KPI of lead times at both ends, has proven to be the catalyst in significantly increasing the proportion of direct sourcing, which generally yield a much higher gross margin for each PO, of our retailer Principals.

We have some of our Principals prohibiting their buyers from sourcing from importers on Lead Time between Cargo Readiness at Source and Cargo Delivery to their DCs at destinations, as the Lead Time we deliver is far shorter than what the importers can manage.

We have some of the local brands changing their terms of trading with our retailer Principals from Delivered DC to FOB with goods channeling to the supply chain solution of our Principals in China and other parts of the world. Such a program is better known as Supply Chain Substitution. It delivers a greater margin and Speed to DC for our Principals.