Satisfying customers has never been more important than in today’s global economy where supply chain logistics plays such a vital role.  The LTL ( Less than Truckload) service provider you choose must ensure that the final mile of your supply chain is delivered safely, securely and on time.


As your 3PL it is our job to identify both cost savings and service efficiencies to provide you a best in class LTL product. Through our analysis of your current LTL program and providers, we will identify where opportunities and process improvements exist to enhance both bottom line contribution and customer satisfaction. Our typical analysis of a client’s LTL program generates a 20% savings and sometimes significantly more which can be implemented within a 30 day period. Service is never sacrificed for price. We create lasting value for our clients.


There is a significant number of LTL service providers available ranging from large coast to coast carriers to smaller regional carriers. Based on your distribution methodology, your LTL network will play a key role in customer satisfaction and delivery costs.  Having the right expertise to execute your LTL program is a significant competitive edge in today’s marketplace. By gaining a very in-depth knowledge of your companies and customers LTL needs, we are able to execute best in class service designs with significant savings.


After the analysis, and prior to implementation of your LTL program, USL Cargo Services will provide the key performance metrics to ensure that all cost savings initiatives identified will be delivered.